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Solar Peanut Bird Feeder – Ladybird

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ISKU: 02-31-028-00

Solar Peanut Bird Feeder – Ladybird



Solar Peanut Bird Feeder.

This Solar Peanut Bird Feeder lets you feed your garden birds through the day and use as a decorative garden ornament at night.

The solar panel charges during the day and automatically illuminates your garden for up to 8 hours at night.

Make sure to press the on button before charging and face in direct sunlight, south facing, without any shelter or other lights.

Suitable for serving a variety of peanuts, with drainage holes that will help to keep food fresh and dry.

Site feeder in locations safe from predators but close enough to cover.

Remove all uneaten and wet food to avoid bacterial build up and clean regularly with a mild disinfectant washing thoroughly.

Available Designs: Bee, Ladybird

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