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Scrub Mommy Sponge Scrubber

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ISKU: 12-15-069-00

Scrub Mommy Sponge Scrubber


Scrub Mommy Sponge Scrubbers.

We don’t scratch. We don’t smell. We clean really well!

The Scrub scrubbers are scratch free and resist odours, giving you clean and effective results with every use. This hard working sponge removes tough stains with just water – reducing your need for harsh chemicals!

Scrub Mommy Sponge Scrubber is safe to use on your delicate materials such as stainless steel and non-stick pans, and dishwasher safe for easy-cleaning.

The FlexTexture material changes texture based on your water temperature. Soft and absorbent in warm water, and firm in cool water to get that stubborn debris.

Scrub Mommy Sponge Scrubber is a versatile cleaning sponge that you can use in every area of the house.

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