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Minky Heavy Duty Wash Pads 4pk

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ISKU: 12-15-052-00

Minky Heavy Duty Wash Pads 4pk


Minky Heavy Duty Wash Pads.

Minky Wash Pads will cut through grease and grime with ease. Each large size wash pad contains a heavy-duty scouring pad which has been treated with an advanced anti-bacterial and anti-grease formulation, giving a longer lasting performance.

Say goodbye to unpleasant smelling wash pads!

Each pad is made from specially coated, high quality abrasive fibres for a superior grease cutting performance. Ideal for general washing up and removing stubborn marks and stains.

Minky Heavy Duty Wash Pads are thicker, stronger and last 6x longer (Compared to standard scourers. Source: Taber Abrasion Test).



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