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Fabulosa Interior Dehumidifier - Rainbow Drops

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ISKU: 12-25-099-00

Fabulosa Interior Dehumidifier - Rainbow Drops



Fabulosa Interior Dehumidifier.

Help eliminate excess moisture in your home with the Fabulosa Interior Dehumidifier.

A discreet but powerful dehumidifier, with a pleasant fragrance that fills rooms and small spaces.

Perfect for storage rooms and space that are poorly ventilated, the Fabulosa Interior Dehumidifier absorbs up to 3x its own weight in water.

Vegan friendly.


  • Absorbs up to 3 x its own weight in water
  • Helps eliminate damp and condensation
  • Locks away moisture
  • Helps eliminate mould and mildew

Available fragrances:

  • Electrify
  • Rainbow Drops
  • Opulence



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