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Solvite All Purpose Extra Strong Wallpaper Paste – 30 Roll Box

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ISKU: 17-33-004-00

Solvite All Purpose Extra Strong Wallpaper Paste – 30 Roll Box


Solvite All Purpose Extra Strong Wallpaper Paste – 30 Roll Box.

Complete wall hanging projects with ease with the Solvite All-Purpose Wallpaper Adhesive.

Wallpapering projects are made simple with the all-purpose wallpaper adhesive. The smooth consistency allows easy application – the wallpaper adhesive can be mixed in just 20 seconds and is ready to use within 2 minutes. The Solvite wallpaper paste can be used for most paste the wall wallpapers including lining papers, washable, vinyl, textured and blown vinyl, embossed and heavy embossed wallpapers.

To apply: First remove old wallpaper and fill holes and cracks with an appropriate filler ensuring walls are smooth, clean, dry, sound and free from loose paint, dust and mould. All tools (brushes, buckets) must be clean before use. Fill a bucket with the quantity of cold water required (see table on the back of pack). Open pack at notch and sprinkle the full contents into water whilst mixing briskly for 20 secs. Leave for 90 secs and stir thoroughly before use. Paste the wallpaper generously, allowing to soak according to the wallpaper manufacturer´s guidelines. Ensure all edges are pasted thoroughly and stuck firmly to the wall. Keep the decorative face of the wallpaper free from adhesive. Wipe off excess adhesive and accidental splashed immediately with a damp cloth.


  • All-purpose wallpaper adhesive for up to 30 rolls
  • Can be mixed in 20 seconds
  • For a wide range of paste the wall wallpapers


Dimensions: 159 x 219 x 85mm (Approx.)



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