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Kingmann Handy DIY Mega Pack 450pc

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SKU 376936 Category

Kingmann Handy DIY Mega Pack 450pc

SKU 376936 Category


Kingmann Handy DIY Mega Pack.

Stock up your toolbag with this incredible Kingmann Handy DIY Mega Pack.

The ultimate screw and accessories set for a handyman, or if you’re taking part in some home DIY.


  • Heavy Duty Picture Wire 2M
  • Light Duty Picture Cord 3M
  • Picture Cord Hook – 22pcs
  • Single Picture Hook – 20pcs
  • Double Picture Hook – 5pcs
  • 1.5x22mm Wire Nail – 50pcs
  • 1.6x30mm Wire Nail – 40pcs
  • 4x30mm Wood Screw – 15pcs
  • 5x50mm Wood Screw – 10pcs
  • 6x30mm Red Wall Plug – 15pcs
  • 8x40mm Blue Wall Plug – 10pcs
  • 1.6×31.8mm Panel Nails – 86pcs
  • 25mm Zinc Plated and White Plastic Coated Cup Hook – 10pcs
  • 32mm Zinc Plated Cup Hook – 15pcs
  • 25mm Nickel Plated Screw Eye – 40pcs
  • 8mm Black Cable Clip – 25pcs
  • 6mm White Cable Clip – 35pcs
  • 5mm White Cable Clip – 50pcs




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