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Kingmann Handy DIY Mega Pack 450pc

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ISKU: 17-21-012-00

Kingmann Handy DIY Mega Pack 450pc



Kingmann Handy DIY Mega Pack.

Stock up your toolbag with this incredible Kingmann Handy DIY Mega Pack.

The ultimate screw and accessories set for a handyman, or if you’re taking part in some home DIY.


  • Heavy Duty Picture Wire 2M
  • Light Duty Picture Cord 3M
  • Picture Cord Hook – 22pcs
  • Single Picture Hook – 20pcs
  • Double Picture Hook – 5pcs
  • 1.5x22mm Wire Nail – 50pcs
  • 1.6x30mm Wire Nail – 40pcs
  • 4x30mm Wood Screw – 15pcs
  • 5x50mm Wood Screw – 10pcs
  • 6x30mm Red Wall Plug – 15pcs
  • 8x40mm Blue Wall Plug – 10pcs
  • 1.6×31.8mm Panel Nails – 86pcs
  • 25mm Zinc Plated and White Plastic Coated Cup Hook – 10pcs
  • 32mm Zinc Plated Cup Hook – 15pcs
  • 25mm Nickel Plated Screw Eye – 40pcs
  • 8mm Black Cable Clip – 25pcs
  • 6mm White Cable Clip – 35pcs
  • 5mm White Cable Clip – 50pcs

450 pack.



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