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Unibond Speed Kitchen & Bathroom Sealant 291g

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ISKU: 17-31-043-00

Unibond Speed Kitchen & Bathroom Sealant 291g


Unibond Speed Kitchen & Bathroom Sealant.

Ensure long-lasting, mould-free protection & strong seals – with the UniBond Speed Sealant!

To put your bathroom back into use quickly, the superior mould-resistant formulation of waterproof UniBond Speed Seal provides a hygienic barrier from water by creating a permanently flexible seal, allowing water contact after only one hour.

It’s our fastest sealant yet – you can shower in 1 hour!. This sealant has a strong mould protection silicone sealant, specially formulated for use in warm and humid environments such as showers, bathrooms and kitchens.

The ideal sealant solution in areas where resistance to mould growth is necessary. This joint sealant provides long-lasting sanitary seals with high adhesion – perfect for your bathroom repairs!


  • Fastest Sealant Yet
  • Provides a hygienic, waterproof seal for sanitary applications
  • Suitable for power showers, bathrooms, kitchens, worktops and tiled areas

Colour: White

Size: 291g (Approx.)

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